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Exit Velocity or Launch Angle? Ask Baseball Savant.

Baseball Savant aspires to provide all the relevant statistics any casual baseball enthusiast could ever ask to understand. Its goal is to communicate advanced statistics, player matchups, Statcast metrics, and more. In-depth analytics for the average fan in a clear and concise manner.

Data collected by Statcast works with state of the art high-resolution optical cameras and radar equipment set-up in each of the 30 Major League stadiums. Let’s take a quick ballpark level tour of the various features.

Take Search into the Grass at Fenway

Search with BaseballSavant is the most beneficial feature for the average fan. Anyone can browse the entire database with expert knowledge or peaked curiosity.

Then narrow the search with the included categories, or get specific and change total pitch parameters. Go wild and engage the inner baseball savant. Note that with such a large database, some searches might take a while time to complete. So sit and wait on that hanging curve.

Unparalleled Statistical Depth

Fans can search up to five season’s worth of individual and team stats. Both hitting and pitching. And the results for any category can be customized using the intuitive drop-down menus provided. Like finding a needle in the haystack with a metal detector.

Probable Pitching and Lineup Matchups

Fans can even preview the scheduled starting pitchers for a selected game.

“Preview Matchup” provides both team’s starting lineups and a slew of statistics. Batted Ball Profile, Plate Discipline, Pitcher Arsenals – the breakdown of the percentage of types of pitches thrown, Outs Above Average and Catcher’s Pop Times to name a few.

There are even data visualizations for Batted Ball Profile categories with colorful analysis. Shades of red denote great and various hues of blue for poor performance.

This section enables the user to see past results of pitcher versus batter based on the day’s lineup. Metrics such as Batted Ball Events and Exit Velocity are included for fan analysis.

Evolving Leaderboards

Use this section to search for the league leaders in numerous Statcast metrics categories such as Exit Velocity, Sweet Spot %, Batted Ball Distance, Launch Angle and more. Note that a league qualifier must average 2.1 plate appearances per game for batters and 1.25 innings pitched per team game for pitchers.

Or a “Simple” Gamefeed and Scoreboard

Both data streams provide fans with up to the minute scores, stats, and action from each of the scheduled games on a particular day. Whatever the level of engagement needed, baseball savant provides a statistical edge for even the most casual of baseball fans.

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