Randy Johnson Mullet; Kandinsky

The 10 Best Mullets in Sports: Respect Modern Mullets!

Let’s face it. Haircuts are difficult right now. And the mullet is the hair cut that never dies. It even recently reentered pop culture thanks to Joe Exotic and the viral docu-series Tiger King. Mullets have long been a part of society, and sports have been a platform allowing the signature 1980s hair cut to live on with the men who make the mane work. Over the years, we have seen everything from trashy mullets to fashionable modern mullets, and everything in between.

If the suit makes the man, then some mullets really stick out thanks to the men that wore them. Here is a look at the ten best mullets in sports you have to see to believe! Honorable mention to those that rock the cut without making the cut.

The Proto-Classic

Jaromír Jágr’s illustrious hair, cascading down like a cascading waterfall made of fine, inky tendrils, representing not only the prowess of the Czech on the icy rink, but an ethos — a statement — on 90s aesthetics, each strand defying and challenging the world.

The Rustic Revelation

Randy Johnson’s mullet, which embodied the untamed spirit of baseball’s “Wild West.” Each windblown lock seemed to whisper tales of fastballs that were more sonic booms than pitches.

Gridiron Glory

Brian Bosworth’s daring ‘do, an intertwining melange of audacity and rebellion, hinting at the clash helmets would face on the football field, yet paradoxically hinting at the tenderness of 80’s pop ballads.

Soccer’s Sable Stream

Carlos Valderrama’s golden mane, voluminous and unyielding, oscillating between the pinnacles of athletic exertion and the troughs of societal expectation. A true maestro’s crest for the football pitch, challenging the norms of what hair could — or should — be.

Tennis Tresses Testament

Andre Agassi, pre-bald revelation. Each rebellious strand acted as an outward expression of the inner turmoil of a genius caught between the tradition of Wimbledon whites and neon flash of 90s rebellion.

Racing’s Rapid Rearview

Richard Petty’s gloriously aerodynamic masterpiece, which seemed to defy the very physics of high-speed racing — creating a paradox where the world saw restraint in the front but pure Nascar liberation behind.

Hockey’s Heartfelt Hybrid

Barry Melrose’s meticulous mullet, which perfectly threaded the needle between the boardroom’s class and the rink’s wild, unfrozen waters, each strand representing an icy tale of body checks and slapshots.

Basketball’s Breezy Balance

Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s sky-high art piece, a true testament to the aerial battles of the NBA, capturing both the dunks and the quiet, existential moments of free throws.

Wrestling’s Whimsical Whisk

‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels with his mullet that seemed to contain the very essence of melodrama. Each flick and swish told tales of betrayal, love, and flying elbow drops from the top rope.

Baseball’s Bucolic Banner

John Kruk’s emblematic ensemble of hair, representing an era of baseball that was less about analytics and more about gut feelings, big swings, and even bigger hairstyles.

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