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excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC)

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EPOC stands for Excess PostExercise Oxygen Consumption.

It is the amount of oxygen your body uses after exercise, above and beyond what is needed to restore your body to its preexercise state. In other words, its the amount of oxygen your body uses to return to a resting state after exercise.

Why is EPOC important?

EPOC is important because it can be used as a training tool. The more EPOC you can produce, the more calories you can burn.

How does EPOC differ from RMR?

RMR is Resting Metabolic Rate the number of calories your body burns at rest. Exercise raises your RMR, but also increases your EPOC. The EPOC effect lasts for several hours after exercise, so its possible that you burn more calories during this time than during the actual exercise itself.

How do I increase my EPOC?

The best way to increase your EPOC is to increase the intensity of your workout. This means working out harder and/or longer, or doing intervals. This will also help you burn more calories during your workout and after your workout. The more calories you burn during exercise, the more you will burn after exercise.