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hand eye coordination

Training Hand Eye Coordination for Athletic Success

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butterfly swimming
Nate Boyle

Butterfly Swimming With A Personalized Approach

When an amateur attempts butterfly swimming, a few frustrations quickly emerge. But these athletic enigmas are not nearly as challenging to answer as the stroke is to personalize. Because…
Nate Boyle

Breaststroke Swimming – Think Different to Swim Faster

“Think different” became an apple slogan in the late 90s. And in order to try and understand breaststroke swimming, the mantra is spot on. So here’s to the crazy ones. Those that are…
Nate Boyle

Swim Backstroke With Gold Medal Technique

The best technique to swim backstroke with is an increasingly difficult question to answer without great context. Because while many successful backstroke swimmers have a ‘traditional’…
freestyle swimming
Nate Boyle

Great Freestyle Swimming Technique in 21 Days

If you only had a month of swim training to improve your freestyle, first create a fantastic sustainable catch, then a propulsive driving kick, and connect them with excellent body position.…