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Our approach delves into the mental processes underpinning sports performance, offering an immersive conversation that redefines talent.

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Sports Cognition

Embracing the Art and Science of Athletic Brilliance

Intuitive Decision-Making

Intuitive Brilliance

Far from a lack of discipline, this innate brilliance is the cornerstone of spontaneous strategy and on-field innovation, essential in the ever-evolving world of sports.

Emotional Alchemy

Emotions are the raw materials that, when harnessed, forge the resilience and fervor that drive athletes towards greatness.

Zen of Performance

In our world, hyper-focus isn not isolation; it is the ultimate collaboration between mind and body. The flow state is a symphony of concentration, where athletes become one with their sport, achieving peak performances that are as graceful as they are powerful.

Creative Courage

At the intersection of risk and creativity lies the heart of innovation. We applaud the daring spirit that challenges norms and redefines possibilities.

Save Time

The cognitive lens provides innovative solutions and approaches

This journey of understanding is navigated alongside athletes, teams, coaches, and innovators who not only inspire participation and peak performance but also enrich our experiences with invaluable insights. By centering our focus on the cognitive aspects of sports - the thoughts, perceptions, and mental strategies of those who play and guide the games - we offer a unique perspective.

Hero background
  • We believe that understanding the cognitive processes behind strategic decisions in sports provides a window into human ingenuity and adaptability.
  • Our focus extends to the realm of cognitive testing where we explore how mental agility, reaction times, and decision-making skills can be measured and enhanced.
  • We emphasize the development of cognitive skills training like focus, mental resilience, and game intelligence.
  • We help athletes maintain peak cognitive fitness, ensuring that their minds are as finely tuned as their bodies for optimal performance.


Fitness meets Sport Specific Athletic Performance

Colab 42


Colab 42

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biomechanics + physiology + strategy + awareness (Updated )

If talent were deconstructed into a 3d Motion Analysis Wearable. Mobile app. Integrates with Colab Conversational AI to customize your requests.


  • Combine fitness with sport specific performance
  • Personalize your workouts and recovery
  • Combine with Apple Watch for even more in depth analysis
  • See the direct link between Strength & Conditioning and your unique skills